Global Fashion brand since 2002, founded in Marbella (Spain) and since 2010 based in The Netherlands.

Waitz Design

The label Waitz Design has sprouted from the creative brain of fashion designer J.W. Waitz who has earned his spurs at various fashion houses such as Karl Lagerfeld .

The gaze of Jan Willem Waitz is focused on the world and especially on specific cultures that translate their existence into their own, often colorful, view of the world.

Waitz Design fashion accessories

Colorful designs from Waitz Design
The Waitz Design collection stands out due to the use of original color combinations and the addition of natural decorations.
All materials are pure nature, high quality leather, silver and gold plated conchos/ studs, colorful stones.
Waitz Design currently focuses on the creation of  fashion belts, leather and silver plated bracelets, bags, bag carriers, leather dog-accessories , leather jackets, necklaces, pendants, native american blankets & leather carriers and  key chains.

Bohemian and vintage southwestern style leather bracelets, key-chains and belts
How would you best describe the style of Waitz Design accessories ? The pure materials, the colorful designs and the use of various style accessories are most similar to the Bohemian chic look where the unconventional and free feeling of the 70s dominates.
The washed and waxed leather adds an extra element to that feeling.

All our leather bracelets are adjustable in 3 positions so that the bracelet fits every wrist.
The look of each bracelet is unique, and fits all wrists for women and men.
Waitz designs for men,women. kids and even dogs.

Waitz Design belts
Bohemian styled belts with fabric, leather and various studs and beads. Each belt is a unique design piece in itself. The belts are available in the most common sizes. Like all Waitz Design products, these belts are also made entirely by hand.

Bravura styled Leather Jackets 

Waitz  also designs and produces since 2018 Casualwear lamb leather jackets for Men, Women and Kids
Our  leather jackets and T’shirts have a bravura/vintage feel.
Most of the leather jacket collections are heavy stained, washed and waxed to make the leather jackets great.
The more you wear Waitz leather jackets, the better it looks.

Waitz Dog Collars & leashes
Waitz designs 1 – 2 x  per year also a unique dog collection collars and leashes

Always an eye for honest materials
All materials used in the manufacture of bracelets, belts and leather jackets  are Fair Trade produced.

Allmost all collections are designed in our own design studio in the Netherlands.

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